Sweaty feet known as Plantar Hyperhidrosis, usually occurs in conjunction with Palmar Hyperhidrosis, hand sweating, as a result of an overactive sympathetic nervous system. People with Plantar Hyperhidrosis complain of bad foot odor. The most common problems with Plantar Hyperhidrosis are athlete’s feet, blisters, infection and rotting of socks. Regular shoes must be purchased more frequently, because moisture ruins the shoes. It is almost impossible to wear sandals with this condition. The sweat makes the feet slip and slide right out of the shoes! It can be uncomfortable and dangerous to drive, when the feet are sweating, profusely. The right foot can slip off the accelerator or brake pedal, resulting in the very real possibility of losing control and causing an accident.
Anyone with Plantar Hyperhidrosis who goes through an exercise, dance, or martial arts program with bare feet will leave wet spots on the floor. This will be embarrassing, but, more importantly, can be hazardous for the participant and others engaging in the activity. Falls could occur, as a result of the wet spots.
Most of the patients who have sweaty hands will also have sweaty feet. The best thing a patient can do with this problem is change their sox as frequently as possible, wear open shoes if  possible. Alcohol rubbed over the feet will help as well. If the problem is really serious there are surgical procedures that destroy the nerves that cause sweating.
If you suffer from this problem it is well worth a visit to your Podiatrist.













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