Need orthotics your Podiatrist can help we are often asked who needs orthotics, the answer is certainly not everyone however if you are suffering from foot pain it is well worth you while having your feet assessed by a Podiatrist it may be that your pain may be partially or totally helped with orthotics. The basic idea behind orthotics is to correct alignment problems. Your foot is the base of  support for the body and if this is not within certain limits it will throw other parts of the body out. Podiatrists principally treat feet, however you cannot treat the foot in isolation from the rest of the body, for instance we often treat patients with knee pain, with the use of orthotics if it is the foot which is out and this is the major cause of the knee pain. The foot can cause pain in the ankle, knee, hip, lower back and even in the jaw. If you suffer from any of these symptoms it is well worth a visit to your Podiatrist. We also assess children often for painful problems, but also to prevent against future problems. We will often see children who pronate excessively whilst at a young age they might not complain about any pain with certain foot types we can with reasonable certainty predict that they may suffer from certain issues later in life. By correcting their feet as a child you can guard against these problems. We all take our children to the Dentist and Optometrist at a young age just to check that they are alright, however feet are often out of sight out of mind, we generally do not do anything till they complain. It is well worth while to have their feet checked out at around two and a half years of age.














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