Nail conditions can stem from many different sources, the most common toenail problem seen by Podiatrists are fungal nail infections and ingrown toenails. Ingrown toe nails should be treated by your Podiatrist as soon as possible to prevent the problem becoming worse. Other causes of nail problems are abnormal growth, trauma, and skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Symptoms of toenail problems range from a dull, aching discomfort to a sharp, piercing pains. Sometimes the first symptoms of toenail problems are a feeling of swelling and burning near the nail and redness on the skin around the nail.
Different toenail conditions present different risks. These risks can range from chronic low-grade pain to life-threatening infection. Fungal infections, bacterial infections, damage to the nail from injury and other illnesses within the body may cause nail problems. Skin conditions like psoriasis, which causes a flaking of the skin around the elbows and hairline, can first show up as thickened nails. Other possible causes include several rare dermatological problems.

Most nail conditions are easily diagnosed by looking at the nail. A diagnosis of thickened and discolored nails may be more difficult. Sometimes, nail conditions indicate an underlying disease. Your Podiatrist, will be able to diagnose most nail conditions. A history and physical exam, and sometimes a biopsy, are done. There are many ways of treating fungal toe nails and there are several types of nail fungus, some treatments are successful some not so successful, Your Podiatrist will be able to advise you of the best form of treatment for your Fungal nails.













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