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This site was designed to give the public a little insight as to what Podiatrists do, what sort of conditions a Podiatrist treat both as independent practitioners and as a part of the medical team looking after a patient. It will help you to find a Podiatrist in Melbourne and Sydney, and also in other states of Australia as the site grows.

Podiatrists treat a wide range of medical conditions of the foot and ankle, as can be seen from this website,  the conditions contained within this site are by no means an exhaustive list on the conditions Podiatrists treat.

Podiatry is a 4 Year university degree in Victoria and most other states of Australia, a Podiatrist must be registered with the Victorian Podiatrists registration board located in Melbourne, (or the relevant board in Sydney and other states).

It is not necessary to have a Doctors referral to see a Podiatrist, a visit to a Podiatrist is covered by private medical insurance if you have an appropriate extras table (refer to you medical fund). For some patients Podiatry is covered by Medicare through the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC), to be eligible for this program a patient must suffer from certain medical conditions and MUST have a EPC referral form for allied Health services under Medicare from their General Practitioner.

We hope you find this site informative none of the information contained within these pages is meant to help diagnose any condition, for an accurate diagnoses please visit a Podiatrist.













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