Your Podiatrist can professionally assess your Gait, most Podiatrists will use Video Gait analysis to do gait assessment. We look at the different phases of the human gait cycle, one cycle is from one event till the next time this event occurs again. For example from the time one heel hits the ground till the time it hits again. We look at how much a patient pronates a certain amount of pronation is in fact quite normal as it helps dissipate the shock when the foot hits the ground. It is when the foot over pronates that problems may occur. We look at children's feet differently from adults with a child we are concerned to see that they do not exhibit symptoms such as toe walking or in toeing are their knees on the frontal plane. Many Podiatrists are starting to use the computer more and more as an assistant in carrying out a gait assessment. Computer technology is constantly evolving in this area one very good system being used by many Podiatrists is the FootScan system. This is a very accurate pressure mapping system, a Podiatrist using this system is not only able to determine exactly where on the foot the patient is bearing too much pressure buy with this system we can also quantitify this pressure. All this information helps the Podiatrist paint a very accurate picture of the patients gait cycle, this enables the Podiatrist to prescribe a very accurate Orthotic device. Orthotics can help patients with many types of walking problems. If you feel that you may have problems with your gait a visit to a Podiatrist and a professional gait assessment can often help many types of pain.














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