fungal foot

Fungal foot, fungal infections in the foot are fairly common, they are mainly due to two groups of fungi the dermatophytes and yeasts. They are usually confined to the stratum corneum which is the top layer of the skin. Deep mycoses invade other tissues. Dermatophyte fungi reproduce by spore formation, these spores invade the skin where they induce an inflammation.
Tinea is a fungal infection of the skin, Tinea Pedis or as is is often called Athletes foot infects the feet. This condition is more common in adults than children, the patient is predisposed to tinea pedis by communal washing, swimming pools, baths and footwear which does not breathe, hot weather can also increase the likelihood of contracting fungus.
Treatment, the patient should try to minimise hot and sweaty feet by the use of open footwear or footwear that breathes, the feet should be thoroughly dried after showering, the use of thongs in communal showers is highly recommended.
Topical treatments such as Daktarin or Lamisil can be used if the fungal infection is wide spread the use of oral medications could be indicated, however the patients should check the possible side effects of this medication.
Taking antibiotics can cause some children to get a yeast infection. Antibiotics get rid of germs that make us sick, but they can also kill many of the harmless bacteria in our body. These harmless bacteria normally fight with the yeast for a place to live, but when antibiotics kill them, the yeast is free to grow. If you suffer from this problem you should make an appointment to see your podiatrist.










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