Foot Pain

Foot Pain, most of us take our feet for granted but when you stop to think about it they do a lot of work each day supporting your weight not to mention the number of steps they take each day. All of this is achieved with 26 small bones which make up each foot and the joints between them and the ligaments that bind them all together. Yes the foot is a truly remarkable piece of engineering.
But what about when something goes wrong and think about it all those bones ligaments tendons and small muscles they do sometimes cause problems. Then you have foot pain and you start to appreciate what your foot does. Foot pain can be quite debilitating think of what it might be like to have pain with every step you take, not a nice thought. It is similar to a tooth ache not something anyone wants to put up with.
There are many causes of foot pain, some are easily fixed some are a little more difficult to diagnose and treat. Some common causes of foot pain include, heel spur, plantarfasciitis, Ingrown toenails, plantar warts, stress reactions, stress fractures, gout, arthritis,  flat feet, sesamoiditis, bunions, hammertoes and  Yes the list goes on and on many people just don’t understand how complex the foot is. That is why we need a specialty like Podiatry, your Podiatrist is trained to diagnose and treat foot problems, so when you have foot pain make an appointment with your Podiatrist.












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