Foot Orthotics

Over the past fifteen years, the use of custom made foot orthotics has undergone a meteoric rise in popularity. Because orthotics improve the functional alignment between the foot, knee, hip and pelvis, many practitioners have realised that orthotics if correctly prescribed can treat alignment problems and the symptoms they cause very effectively.
Podiatry is a unique profession in that it shares with many other professions their specialties and applies these to the foot. However biomechanics of the foot is unique to Podiatrists because no other professional has the time to evaluate each patient fully, nor enough time in this specific field to gain experience and get consistent results.
Podiatry now has the ability to properly understand the function of the foot and its effect on the rest of the body. Many problems that occur in knees hips and the back are caused in the foot. By correcting the position of the foot with custom made orthotics we can reduce many patients pain and often even eliminate it.
Custom functional orthoses can be made easily from neutral position casting. The orthotic improves stability of the foot and allows normal function of the foot to continue. The controlling factor of the orthoses helps diminish the soft tissue and osseous strain and alleviates the symptom complex.
Who can wear orthotics, patients of all ages can benefit from orthotics if they are out of alignment, young children adapt to wearing orthotics extremely well, older patients initially take a little longer to get used to them but once they do they generally appreciate the benefits they provide.
If you want to know whether orthotics may be able to help you call your Podiatrist and make an appointment to see the Podiatrist.






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