cold feet

The temperature of our feet is usually an indication of the vascular status, normally we consider that warm feet indicates a good arterial blood supply to the foot. We would expect in a warm foot to find good pulses, the two arteries that supply the foot are Dorsalis Pedis the artery on the top and Posterior Tibial Artery located behind the inside ankle bone. In the elderly as the arterial system becomes clogged up the arterial blood supply is diminished, thus leading to cold feet. We also see similar results in patients suffering circulation problems such peripheral vascular disease also conditions like peripheral neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, heart disease, and Raynauds phenomenon which is much more common in women than men can cause cold feet. In young and generally healthy patients who suffer from cold feet it is important that the cause be identified, a visit to your Podiatrist may help with a diagnosis. Cold feet are very hard to treat, however it is helpful to the patient to identify the cause so as they can guard against secondary complications.
Cold feet may lead to chilblains developing during the cooler months, it is very important to keep the feet warm and do whatever possible to reduce the heat loss from the feet by using things like thick sox. Good quality shoes that keep the heat in will most certainly help. If you suffer from cold feet it is important to never  heat the foot up too quickly by putting them in front of a warm fire.


  Cold feet  



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