Children Sore Heels

Many children complain of sore heels during their active growing phases it if often dismissed as growing pains and nothing is done about it. This condition can be very debilitating for a child as he/she may not be able to run or carryout activities like a normal child. The medical name for this condition is Calcaneal apophysitis, or Severs Disease, is one of the most common causes of heel pain in young, growing active people. The clinical symptoms are usually enough to confidently make an accurate diagnosis of the problem when it occurs. There are a number of factors which must be incorporated into the treatment of this condition, although it is thought to rectify itself upon cessation of growth, however this can lead to pain for the child lasting several years. Clinically we often see it present as a cyclic sort of pain that is painful one week and no pain at all the following week. This is the reason many parents fail to have it properly assessed. The condition occurs in both sexes usually between the age of 8 and 12 years and resolves upon cessation of growth.
We often see that these patients pronate well in excess of normal and this causes some of the traction of the Achilles tendon which tends to upset the growth plate. Xrays often reveal a growth plate that has a saw tooth appearance. A Podiatrist will assess the child properly and may order xrays. If the patient pronates well in excess of normal custom orthotics may be prescribed to reduce the excessive pronation. We find that if excess Achilles traction due to excessive pronation is the major cause of this pain occurring it will resolve extremely quickly enabling the child to return to normal activities very quickly.



  X-ray heel  



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