Childrens footwear

Children's footwear is often not taken seriously enough many parents will buy shoes because they are cheap, they figure that the child will grow out of them fairly quickly. They do not stop to consider that tight shoes may contribute to hammer toes as the shoe causes bunching of the toes, they may lead to bunions as the toe box of the shoe is simply too tight. Parents simply forget that the foot is developing and is largely cartilage at a young age and as such is easily deformed by poorly fitted shoes.

It is well worth while having the child fitted by a shop which specialises in the fitting of children’s feet, there should be about 1 cm between the big toe tip and the end of the shoe, this should be checked with the child standing. Children will grow very quickly their shoes should be checked about every 3 months, don’t keep the old shoes just because they “look new” or “have been hardly worn”, if they are too small you may be damaging the child’s foot.

Should my child wear shoes or should they go bear foot, this is a question commonly asked by parents. The fact is there is no correct answer to this question, it is best to let them go bear foot some of the time, so they can develop feeling for the ground (proprioception) and other times put them in good fitting shoes.
If the child wears the shoe un evenly it could be a sight of a problem, and as such it is well worth a qualified Podiatrist who specialises in children (Podopaediatrics) looking at the child to make sure that the abnormal shoe wear is not a sign of a more serious problem.









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