Childrens Foot Problems

Children’s feet are not just scaled down adults feet, children have many unique problems. The child’s foot is largely made up of cartilage, that is all the bones have not hardened yet. As such the child’s foot is very pliable and if caught early enough the deformities are easily reducible. Many children will wake up of a night complaining of pains in the legs often this is just put down to growing pains, but often it is just a symptom of a problem that goes un noticed. If a child complains of this sort of pain they should be properly assessed by a Podiatrist who deals with Pediatrics. This sort of pain is often a result of poor leg and foot posture which can be effectively treated.

Some of the conditions children may suffer from include pain in the heel or as it is medically known severs disease, ingrown toenails is another condition often seen in children. Club feet is a condition that occurs occasionally after birth it generally requires surgery to reduce this deformity, this may lead to problems later in life.
Flat feet is another condition a Podiatrist will often see in young children, this may cause problems in a child but it will almost lead to knee problems back problems and many other symptoms as an adult. Very young children will appear to have flat feet, when in fact it is just “baby fat” in the arch area, however if a parent notices this it is well worth having a Podiatrist examine the feet, as if there is a problem it is easier to deal with at an earlier age. Sometimes this will involve the prescription of custom made orthotic devices.

 Many children will exhibit in toeing again it is well worth having a Podiatrist check this out as early as possible sometimes we will simply monitor the child as they grow as we feel it will correct itself. There are a few causes of in toeing and treatment plans if required will be dependent on what is causing the in toeing.
Footwear and the correct fitting of footwear is extremely important in a child, poorly fitting footwear can lead to many problems as a adult.









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