Burning Feet

Many patients complain that there feet feel like they are on fire or they are burning this symptom becomes more common as we get older. It may be a symptom of a foot that is out of alignment which is known as metatarsalgia, in Podiatry literature  this is described as pain around the heads of the metatarsals. There are many causes of this sort of pain and it is extremely important that the patent visit a Podiatrist to have the condition correctly assessed.
This sensation could be caused by neuropathy in the diabetic patient it is most important that your Podiatrist rules this out by carrying out proper gait assessment.
Another common cause is a high arched foot this can load the metatarsals excessively causing a burning sensation in the fore foot. As we age we tend to loose the fatty padding that we are born with under the forefoot, this normally helps to dissipate the load on the fore foot. as this padding diminishes the loading on the forefoot becomes more intense leading to a burning sensation on the forefoot.
Arthritis is another cause of this sensation, your Podiatrist can organise X rays and other tests to rule this out  as the cause of burning feet.
A good gait assessment and a footscan can pinpoint the cause of this condition and if it is mechanically caused custom made orthotics may be prescribed by your Podiatrist this can help this condition dramatically.


  Burning feet  



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